Oil Field Bed Truck with Braden winch.
Accomplishing the toughest off-road jobs in the oil field.
Custom-built in Germany and in Europe by RAC-Germany™.

We are located in Germany and we supply with the brand mark RAC-GERMANY™ different kind of heavy duty trucks, semi-trailers and oil field trucks such as bed trucks and winch tractors.

We manufacture tough trucks for difficult transportation jobs in the oil field. Our bed trucks are custom-built from the ground up to meet your specific requirements. Our general company policy is “no compromises” and therefore our trucks are on the highest level of quality and dependability to ensure less maintenance cost and reliability over many years of operation.

The max. platform length is up to 9500 mm the consequential wheel base: 11000 mm (433 inches). The payload is round about 45000 kg (100,000 lbs). The bed truck can be equipped with BRADEN winches. There are a lot of options, please check out the PDF file on this website.

If you are searching for a reliable supplier in Germany who can offer you a complete line of services, please send your request directly to our Senior Export Manager, Mr. Ralf Clobes ralf@rac-germany.com

Our oil field bed truck and winch tractor solutions are individually tailored from the ground up to help you to fulfill your daily transportation jobs in the oilfield.


Special troubleshooting service and technical advice for all aspects in the onshore oil and gas industry

Our company only exist since 1995 but our oil field technicians and engineers have up to 45 years of professional experience, they have solved a lot of problems and adverted major disasters worldwide for our numerous clients and often they found extraordinary solutions for exceptional issues.

In the event that you require highly qualified expert solutions to any major issue please contact us at any time and together we will find reasonable, workable and cost effective solutions. If required our technicians are available to travel to your site.